Streamline your Cooling Tower Basin Maintenance

Want your cooling tower water basin to stay in tip-top shape? Over time, clogs happen. Debris gets into filters. Buildup causes less than optimal flow. And problems can lead to a frustrating, time-consuming inspection process. Who has time to shut down a cooling tower for days just to inspect it? 

With Drainless Inspections, we can inspect your cooling tower water basin as it is operating, giving you zero operating down time. Without the need to drain, suddenly the inspection process goes from a couple of days to a couple of hours. A huge advantage to Drainless Inspections is that we can see problems as they are happening. No more need to guess at problems. We can see them live using our underwater robotic technology.

We also record our inspections. We offer the entire inspection in video format, as well as snapshot images of concerns and problems, which are included in our detailed inspection report. When you see the problem, it can help you make better decisions on repair and maintenance. 


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